Jet Ski Rentals

One Hour Jet Ski Rental


60 Minutes : Drivers must be 16 yrs old with valid ID to drive alone, any age can ride or drive as long as there is an adult (18) onboard. Jet Ski Rental Rules And Requirements : ou must be 18yrs or older with a valid I.D. and Credit Card to rent a Jet Ski. 16 & 17 yr olds may drive with a valid proof of age and a parent or guardian present. Children ages 13 to 15 may drive the jet skis for the unguided rental with proof of age, a valid boaters’ license, and parent or guardian supervision. For each jet ski you rent you are allowed only two adults OR one adult and two small children. Any more people adding to the rental costs an additional $20 We accept cash or credit for jet ski rentals however you must have a valid major credit card and matching I.D. for each Jet Ski you rent to use as a security deposit. Any violation of the rules may incur a fine and or termination of rental. You are responsible for any damages you may cause. For more information or to reserve your rental now, call us at (850) 466-8570.